New Print Allowance Program Leaves Students Worried

According to a press release sent out to the student body from Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Joseph Greene, on August 1, JWU student ID cards will be loaded with complimentary print allowance equivalent to 750 black and white, single-sided pages  during the 2017-2018 academic year which began on August 28. An online petition on was created with 2,000 supporters called “750 pages is not enough JWU”.

New Transit App Makes Commute for JWU Students More Stress-Free

According to a news release sent out by Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA), the transit app, which is now available for iPhone and Android, riders can now get accurate arrival predictions of all RIPTA lines. In addition to telling passengers when their bus will arrive, the transit app also enables customers to watch their buses approach on a map, therefore limiting wait times at stops and relieving commuter anxiety.

Reality Check: Restricted Hiring on Campus

Individuals have been told they cannot be hired. It is not because they are unqualified, it is not because someone else was chosen for the position. So ultimately, what is causing this halt in student employment? “Every year, the university prepares an annual budget based on a number of factors including student enrollment. For the 2016-2017 academic year, the university wide student enrollment was lower than projected”, stated Lisa Pelosi, Vice President of Communications and Government Relations.

JWU Community Comes Together to Donate Needed Items to Families

Now through January 26 Wildcats are invited to participate in donating canned goods to prevent hunger for the Rhode Island Food Bank. The School of Hospitality and the School of Business are conducting a Food Drive again this year. According to Jennifer McDonald, Academic Administrative Coordinator, “this will not be a competition between the two schools, instead we will be working together to achieve our goal of 3,500 food items.”

Morris J.W. Gaebe, Trustee and Chancellor Emeritus, Laid to Rest in Barrington

Morris J.W. Gaebe, ’98 Hon., JWU chancellor emeritus passed away on October 8, 2016. Chancellor John J. Bowen stated in a memo to university faculty and staff, “I am deeply saddened to inform you of the passing of Morris J.W. Gaebe, Johnson & Wales University trustee emeritus and chancellor emeritus. He was the second president of JWU, serving from 1969-1989, and a pioneer of the university’s exponential growth. ‘Mo,’ a long time resident of Barrington, R.I., died at the age of 96.”

Nepal Geography Series Inspires Students to Study Abroad

When walking into The BRIDGE Center it is easy to feel the energy and enthusiasm of all the students. On September 29, 2016 The BRIDGE Center hosted the Nepal Geography Series. Students from the student organization, Namaste Nepal were dressed in Nepalese clothing, and stood up to lead the Nepal National Anthem. The first thing that was emphasized is the meaning of Nepal which translates to “never ending peace and love.”
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Why Studying Abroad is Critical to College Experience – JWU Campus Herald

College shouldn’t just be about going to class and receiving grades. There are so many ways to enrich your time here at JWU. Studying abroad can be  part of your college experience and is something that is worth the time, money, and investment. Not only will you learn about yourself, but you will also delve deep into other fascinating cultures. JWU offers study abroad opportunities in countries across all continents and it is an experience that you wouldn’t be able to get in a classroom. You wi

More Greenspace Will Increase Grades

Research has proven that environments can reduce or increase stress levels. Nature heals, restores, and connects so it is only right that students should be near nature as much as they can. The involvement of nature helps to repair the mind from mental fatigue of studies or work, adding to improved work performance and fulfillment. A study by The National Academy of Science says a 90-minute walk through nature can positively affect your brain. JWU has accomplished vast renovation and improvemen